Kosher Certification on Japanese Products

Kosher Certification on Japanese Products

Rabbi Edery’s Kosher Supervision authority, are some of the many things Chabad of Japan has established in the realm of Kashrut.

Recently Rabbi Edery and Muto san have been to Fukuoka, for the kosher supervision of Nori – seaweed. As you can see in the picture, the nori is taken out of the water in middle of night in order to retain its superb quality. The nori growers believe that once the sun ”touches” the nori, it negatively affects the quality.

Rabbi Edery checks a Bonito fish factory from which Katsuoboshi is made.
Katshuoboshi is the ”secret” Japanese ingredient that is used in many Japanese dishes, and gives it that unique Japanese flavor, like in Miso soup. The Bonito fish is first smoked, then dried for a long period of time, becomes hard like a rock and then ”scraped” into any food recipe. (Similar to the Native Americans and the Buffalo)

Special thanks to Muto san for his tireless efforts in making Kosher food available in Japan.


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  1. I can attest the nori is of the finest quality and very tasty too! Thank you Rabbi Edery and Muto-san for making this possible.

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