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Passover in Tokyo Japan 2016

Passover in Tokyo Japan 2016


Passover Seder with Chabad Tokyo Japan



 Join us this Pesach

pesach tokyo


First Seder,

Friday evening, April 22, 2016

Time: 6:00 pm

chabad tokyo seder



Shinagawa Health Center

Shinagawa ku, Kita Shinagawa 3-11-22

7th Floor  Event Hall 1 – 2



Access by Train:

Closest train station is Shin-Bamba eki, north exit.  When you arrive at Shin-Bamba station, please show the address below. The event hall is right across the street from the station (diagonally).

How to get to Shin-Bamba station:

1) JR Shinagawa station, Takanawa exit.

You can either

Walk from Shinagawa station to Shin-Bamba station. 20 minute direct walk.

Or take a taxi from Shinagawa station, to address below, 3 minute car ride.
Or take Tokyu bus #94 from Shinagawa station, and get off at Shin-Bamba eki mae, 3 minute bus ride.

Another option

2) Keihin Kyuko Line: Shin-Bamba eki, north exit, 2 minute walk (across the street diagonally)


If you are coming by Taxi or with a Japanese person, please print out the address below in Japanese.


〒140-0001 品川区北品川3-11-22 7階
※ 駐車場はありません

京浜急行 新馬場駅(北口) 徒歩2分東急バス 大井町駅東口から「渋谷」行き「新馬場駅前」下車

You are welcome to bring family and friends.

Please RSVP

Passover Seder fees:

Every person is welcome to participate in Passover holiday expenses by contributing according to their capability.


Second Seder

Saturday evening, April 23, 2016 at 7:30 pm

at Chabad Japan


Baking Matzos Rabbi Groner Melbourne Australia
Baking Matzos Rabbi Groner Melbourne Australia
Purim Tokyo 2016

Purim Tokyo 2016




Join us this Purim
Wednesday evening, March 23

Reading of Megilla at 6:30 pm

at Chabad Japan


Thursday, March 24

Reading of Megillah at 8:00 am

Grand Purim Party from 3:00 pm –  10:00 pm

Come dressed up, ready to dance, hear the megillah, eat delicious food, recharge yourself with joy!

At Chabad Japan

To join please RSVP

Chanuka Cruise celebration Chabad of Japan 16th anniversary

Chanuka Cruise celebration Chabad of Japan 16th anniversary


Menorah Roof
公益財団法人東京都公園協会 東京水辺ライン

Tokyo park association. Tel:03-5608-8869

course: Ryogoku – Asakusa(Tokyo sky tree) – Odaiba(Rainbow bridge) – Ryogoku

3min. walk from JR Ryogoku station west exit.


When: Sunday, December 6, 2015

Meeting time at pier: 3:30 pm

Boat will be leaving at 3:50 pm. Returning at 6:20 pm.


Delicious Chanuka obentos will be served.

Lighting of the Menorah, music and dancing,  great fun for the adults and kids

For registration, please email us at and include names of all people joining, and please specify adult or child.

Or call Chabad House at 03-3772-7707


Suggested donation: Adult 2,000 Yen, children free


Kislev Women’s Kumzitz

Kislev Women’s Kumzitz


Kyoto Chabad

Let’s warm up, join us for the next Kumzitz.

The fantastic program and companionship will definitely rejuvenate your body and soul!

Sunday, November 15, 2015 at 3:30 pm.
Challah baking for early birds.

Please RSVP

The upcoming month of Kislev is also called the month of redemption, thanks to many special days in Jewish History when miracles happened. Most famous – Chanuka. It is an opportune time to get together, strengthen one another with good deeds, prayer and joy. May this Kumzitz be celebrated in the third Temple with the Rebbe King Moshiach.

Dr. Yakov Yuroh Teshima Lecture General Introduction to Jewish Thinking

Dr. Yakov Yuroh Teshima Lecture General Introduction to Jewish Thinking

Dr. Teshima class at Chabad Tokyo

2015年11月24日 19:00〜21:00、 於・東京大森、ハバッド・ハウス。会費: \3,000.

講師: 手島佑郎 先生 ギルボア研究所 代表 ヘブライ学博士

1。 はじめに: 私とユダヤ人  My relationship with the Jewish people

2。 ユダヤ人とは? Who is a Jew?


3。 ABCと休日、 Alphabet and Holidays,

4。 ユダヤ人の教育  Jewish education

5。 立体的理解/多角的着眼  Diversified understanding / Multiple approaches

6。 ビジネスへの発想:起業家ロスチャイルド、 マーケティング学のレビット
Mayer Anschel Rothschild、   Theodore Levitt

7。 本物志向のカシュルート精神  Authenticity in terms of Kosher

8。 デビアスに風穴をあけたダイヤ商レビエヴ  Lev Leviev and his audacity

9。 零細企業から大成長するユダヤの起業家たち Entrepreneurs and their big achievement