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Summer Ladie’s Kumzitz

Summer Ladie’s Kumzitz

This Sunday, July 13th at Chabad House,

 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm


What does it mean to be truly free?

 How can we liberate ourselves from negativities  within and without?

 Join us for an uplifting, refreshing, inspiring and fun event together. 



please confirm you’re coming.

Japan TV Visits Chabad Tokyo Kosher Meat Just Can’t be Beat!

Japan TV Visits Chabad Tokyo Kosher Meat Just Can’t be Beat!

Kosher Lecture and Meal (2)

TV interested in Kosher Food, visits Chabad Japan, interviews Rabbi Edery.

This week Japanese Television crew visited Chabad House to interview Rabbi Edery about Kosher Japan and kosher food in general.  In Japan, there is a growing interest in kosher food. One need not be so finely tuned to pay attention to that. This is because of knowledge being so accessible today, and Rabbi Edery’s relentless efforts, ”kosher food” is not a rare or unknown word in Japan anymore. This time the interview centered on kosher food deliveries. They asked where Jewish people are coming from, and for what purpose. Jews come to Japan from all over the world, for business, tourism, study or work.
 Every week, Chabad of Japan coordinates the kosher food deliveries to hotels, restaurants and offices in Tokyo and as far away as Hokkaido and Kyushu. There is an organized system of ordering and the food packages arrive on time- Japanese style, and in good condition. The local postal services have frozen, refrigerated and regular options available. This makes it much easier to keep kosher while one is visiting Japan short or long term. The TV crew were fascinated by the large variety of kosher marks on foods, which are available in Japan, but they were not aware of. They were especially proud of the KJ symbol on many food items- since this is the first and only Kosher Food supervision in Japan.
The program on Kosher food will air next week. We would like to thank the one and only Muto san for his patience and devotion to Kosher Japan. May Hashem give him and his family eternal blessing.
Kosher Lecture and Meal (1)
Last Wednesday we had the third lecture of the reknowned Dr. Yuroh Teshima. One day later, Chabad of Japan hosted a ”Get To Know Kosher” lecture by Mr. Muto. The informative and interesting lecture was followed by a fantastic and delicious meal, starting with Challah, ending with Cinamon rolls.
The guests greatly enjoyed and were simply amazed by the information and variety of foods offered to them. They all asked questions about kosher food and Judaism in general. Rabbi Edery- the star of the show- explained and clarified many issues that were brought up. He distributed the Seven Noahide Law cards in Japanese, and explained the purpose of Chabad of Japan. The evening ended with the guests extremely pleased running to catch the last trains. Some came as far as two hour train ride.
Special thanks to Aoki san, Shimura san, Takeshima san for their help and initiative. May you be blessed always.
Chabad Premium Kosher Chickens Made in Japan

Chabad Premium Kosher Chickens Made in Japan


Chabad Japan has successfully organized shechita of kosher chickens right before Pesach. The chickens are free range, of premium quality, grown in southern Japan. There is a big demand for kosher chicken and orders have come from as far out as Hokkaido and Okinawa. We are very glad to hear the fantastic feedback of the kosher chicken consumers. We would like to thank Mr. Muto from Kosher Japan for his tireless effort to make Japan more Kosher.

Rabbi Binyomin Edery puts a lot of effort in making Japanese products Kosher.
There are few reasons, spiritual, moral, and practical.

His philosophy is based on the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s directives to make every place in this world a spiritual dwelling place for G-d . It is therefore important to use the local produce and animals in the place where one lives, make them kosher and use them for good purposes.
The other reason is to help the Japanese farmers and growers by buying their products. The Japanese are known for their hard work and superior quality of food and produce. Since we established Chabad House in Japan it is only right to help the Japanese society by using their products rather than import.
Thirdly, importing lowers the quality of the food, as it is not as fresh.
So for the kosher consumer in Japan, Kosher food made in Japan is the RIGHT choice.

In the picture above, tired and happy, after the Shechita, on their way back to Tokyo,
from Left to Right: Moshiach Edery who was in Japan for Pesach vacation, the Shochet, Rabbi Dickstein from Melbourne, Australia, and the gevaldige- duo, Mr. Muto and Rabbi Binyomin Edery, Chabad of Japan head staff.


Companies Join Chabad Japan to develop more kosher products Made in Japan

Companies Join Chabad Japan to develop more kosher products Made in Japan

chabad tokyo
Chabad Japan kosher japan
chabad japan
Chabad Japan kosher tokyo

One week ago, Kosher Japan held a special seminar at Chabad Japan. Dr. Teshima gave a profound lecture on Judasim, Kosher food and the Jewish people.
The seminar was well attended, by many Japanese food companies who already receive kosher certification or will be receiving. There was a unique feeling among all the participants as they discussed the many advantages of making Kosher food products in Japan. We wish much blessing and success to Dr. Teshima, and all those that attended.
Kosher Japan is the kosher certification given by Rabbi Binyomin Edery from Chabad Japan.
Special thanks to Mr. Hidetaka Muto for organizing the event, for his time and effort may G-d bless him.