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Rabbi Binyomin Yehezkel Edery appointed as Chief Rabbi of Japan by Chief Rabbinate of Israel and acknowledged by Japanese Government

Rabbi Binyomin Yehezkel Edery appointed as Chief Rabbi of Japan by Chief Rabbinate of Israel and acknowledged by Japanese Government

Teuda 1 97


Teuda 2 97
The official certificate of the appointment of the Chief Rabbi of Japan with the signatures of many Rabbis worldwide.


His Past, Present and Future.

In 1999, Rabbi Edery came to Japan to establish the first Chabad House in Japan. Since then he has been devoting himself to help people regardless of their creed, color or ethnic background. He dedicates himself to strengthen Jewish people who live in Japan and those who come temporarily. At the same time he teaches and spreads the Seven Noahide Laws among non-Jewish people as it is written in the Torah. All his works are focused for the sake of heaven, namely, ‘’to fix the world with the kingship of G-d’’.

In 1999 he founded the first kosher certification agency called “Kosher Japan” with its abbreviation “KJ.” The purpose of the agency is to help Japanese agriculture by promoting the premium products internationally. Rabbi Edery encourages Japanese farmers and food producers to produce various kosher products in Japan, thereby helping them expand their domestic and overseas markets.

In 2000 he started the first Kosher slaughtering in Japan. For decades, Jews who lived in Japan were forced to import meat products from out of Japan. He has made kosher slaughtering an annual tradition since kosher slaughtering is necessary for Jewish people’s food needs. The kosher slaughtering method is strictly instructed in the Jewish law so that it is a painless procedure for the animals

In light of the above dedication, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel chose and officially ordained Rabbi Edery as the Chief Rabbi of Japan in Tamuz, 5772 in Jewish Year (July 2012).

Many noted Rabbis endorsed the ordination of Rabbi Edery worldwide. Among the Rabbis who endorsed the Chief Rabbi appointment were Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef, chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Naftali Frankel Rabbi of Badatz Jerusalem, Rabbi Yitzchok David Grossman, director of many educational organizations in Migdal Haemek, Rabbi Rabbi Yehuda Dery head Rabbi of Beer Sheva, Rabbi Eliyahu Abergel, Rabbi of Beer Sheva, Rabbi Yaacov Schwei, Rabbi of Head Jewish court in Brooklyn, NY.

In June 25th 2015, the office of the Prime Minister of Japan invited Rabbi Edery to have an audience with him as the Chief Rabbi of Japan. Mr. Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary, granted the audience to him as the Chief Rabbi of Japan, and expressed the gratitude to him for his dedication for the sake of Japanese people, especially for his wholehearted relief efforts for the people suffered at the Great Earthquake and Tsunami in the North-east Japan in 2013.   Mr. Suga showed his appreciation to Rabbi’s care and concern for the farmers of the North after the Tsunami. He instructed his secretaries to assist the Rabbi’s works at any time on any subject if necessary.

The audience was arranged through the good office of Senator Kazuya Shimba and Dr. Jacob Yuroh Teshima. Senator Shimba studied at the graduate school in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1991-92 and served as Senior Vice Minister of Defense in 2010-11, and Senior Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2012. Dr. Teshima was the last student of Professor Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel zt”l, graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1967 and received a Doctoral degree from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He regularly gives classes at the Chabad House (Mavo Layahdut).

The audience granted to Rabbi Edery by the Japanese government on June 15 was unprecedented in history and an acknowledgment of his great achievement indeed.

Government and Rabbi Edery
From left to right: Shimba san, Rabbi Edery, Chief Secretary of Cabinet – Suga san, Dr. Teshima, and Muto san. They pose with the certificate of the appointment of Rabbi Edery as Chief Rabbi of Japan.



Parliament and Potato Kaitsuka

Chief Sefardic Rabbi Of Israel, Rabbi Yizckak Yosef meets with and appoints Rabbi Edery as chief Rabbi of Japan.

Rishon Letzion (2) Rishon Letzion (1)

Rabbi Edery with Chief Ashkenazic Rabbi, Rabbi David Lau.


The staff , members and friends of Chabad  of Japan would like to wish:

May Rabbi Edery be blessed by Almighty G-d to continue in his position in good health for long life and good years!

May his organization Chabad House of Japan and Kosher Japan continue to be a lighthouse of goodness and kindness illuminating the spiritual desert of Japan till the coming of Moshiach.

Rabbi Edery and his family k”y pose for a picture in park near his home in Tokyo.



Chabad Japan Event in Sendai for people affected by Tsunami, January 11, 2015

Chabad Japan Event in Sendai for people affected by Tsunami, January 11, 2015

Tsunami survivors eat sweet potato distributed by Chabad Japan.
Tsunami survivors eat sweet potato distributed by Chabad Japan.


Chabad of Japan organized an event for the people of the north who suffered during the Tsunami. Soon after the Tsunami happened, Rabbi Edery along with Mr. Muto and Chabad of Japan staff went to the North to help the people survive. The relief efforts were continued for many months and years thereafter.


Till today, nearly four years later, Rabbi Edery, Mr. Muto and Chabad Japan staff, keep travelling and helping the people in the affeted areas. Some of the people still live in caravans. In the picture above they can be seen eating the ”Yakimo” near their temporary housing, just one week ago.


The companies that receive kosher certification from Kosher Japan – KJ, donated
Sake to the people of the North in honor of the event, which was held in Iwanuma City hall.

Rabbi Binyomin Edery, Chief Rabbi of Japan with Mayor of Iwanuma, Sendai.
Rabbi Binyomin Edery, Chief Rabbi of Japan with Mayor of Iwanuma, Sendai.


The mayor of Sendai participated, and blessed the Rabbi’s efforts, with tears in his eyes. The CEO of Dassai Sake, Mr. Sakurai, and sake company Nanbu Bijin of Niigata, and Oguro Shuzo of Niigata also generously contributed from their sake.

One of the biggest and most famous companies of Sweet Potato called
Katsushika donated large amount of sweet potato, which were baked in coal ovens for all the participants.
It was very moving to see the gratefulness of the people who rememebered how much suffering they went through and how much they were helped, thank G-d through the efforts of Chabad Japan. The happiness on their faces, knowing that they were not forgotten was very touching.
It was truly a ”Kiddush Hashem”- sanctifying G-d’s name among the nations.


Kosher Sake companies donated sake to Chabad Japan distributed to the people in Sendai.
Kosher Sake companies donated sake to Chabad Japan distributed to the people in Sendai.


Unforgettable Chanuka Cruise with Chabad Japan

Unforgettable Chanuka Cruise with Chabad Japan

Menorah Roof

Chanuka at Chabad Japan was celebrated in a unique and uprecedented way.
This past Sunday about one hundred guests joined the Chanuka Cruise which was a huge success.
Rabbi Edery and Chabad Japan staff mounted a large menorah on the roof of the cruise ship.
During the boat ride all the guests joined the menorah lighting on the roof, which lit up the whole ocean. The singing and dancing which followed was uplifting and immensely joyous.
“A little light pushes away a lot of darkness” is exactly what everyone experienced.

Then a festive meal followed as everyone went down to the hall of the ship which had beautiful seating arrangements. Chanuka obentos were enjoyed as well as doughnuts and other chanuka delicacies.
The children recited the twelve Torah passages and sang Chanuka holiday songs, as everyone joined along.
The atmosphere was great, the feeling of family and Chanuka permeated through everyone.
All the guests expressed how moved they were celebrating Chanuka and the fifteenth anniversary of Chabad Japan in such a meaningful and enjoyable way. Lighting the Chanuka Menorah and seeing the ligths of Rainbow bridge in the background with the singing and dancing of all the guests was truly an unforgettable and fabulous experience.

menorah 2


Chabad Japan Shabbaton at Yamanakako 2014

Chabad Japan Shabbaton at Yamanakako 2014

Shabbaton 3

Last Shabbat Chabad of Japan hosted a Shabbaton at Lake Yamanaka, near Fuji mountain. There were about forty participants, some came from Tokyo, others from Israel, and the US. It was a phenomenal Shabbat, with many words of Torah, song, inspirational discussions, nature walks, and pure calmness in middle of the woods. The atmosphere was so serene, and so uplifting. All of the guests were extremely moved and each one came away with good resolutions, spiritually and emotionally strengthened.
Special thank you to our Scholars in Residence, Rabbi Yehuda Benshimchon and Rabbi Dr. Daniel Aldrich for enriching us with the Torah Teachings and practical life suggestions.

shabbaton 5
We would like to thank and express our appreciation to the organizers Sara Pessia Gross, for her dedication and long hours invested in the preparations for the Shabbaton. We also would like to thank Rabbi Edery who organized and took care of all the details from start to finish. May Hashem repay all those that participated and took part in the preparation. It was truly an unforgettable Shabbat.Shabbaton 1